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  • Contact us for Discount on ALL Birthday Parties! * Minimum order $100
  • Contact us for Discount on ALL Corporate Events! * Minimum order $100

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Pho T Cali Specials

Chicken Salads - $7.00

Shimp Salads - $7.00

Shrimp Cucumber Salad - $7.00

Curry Plate w/ Beef * Served w/rice $10.00

Curry Plate w/ Egg Plant w/Tofu * Served w/rice $10.00

Curry Plate w/Mixed Veg and Shrimp * Served w/rice $10.00

Orange Chicken- $9.00

PAD-T NOODLE - $9.00

I have tried both their shrimp and tofu spring rolls, both very tasty. Once I couldn't decide which one I wanted and they were willing to do one of each on my plate, which was very nice. - Elizabeth C. San Diego Ca.